The quality of Sea Salt is our objective

Salinera Española has all the necessary accreditations to guarantee the quality of its products and for their incorporation into the national market and for export.

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

Certifitate IFS Food

Certifitate of Registration USA

Certificate of Organic Salt

Certificate of Organic Agriculture Control

Quality, food safety and environmental policy

The Salinera Española, S.A. Management defines and documents their quality and environmental policy that permits set objectives and goals to be met, and also periodically reviews it to make adjustments as necessary.

The provision of a Quality service that respects the Environment is an objective that is shared by the entire organisation and is under the direct responsibility of the Management. We are therefore committed to the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Quality and Environmental Management System and compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Corporate policy for environmental management

Salinera Española, S.A., being fully aware of increasing environmental concerns, as an advocate of sustainable development and especially for the environment where it conducts and carries out its activity, demonstrates its commitment by implementing an Environmental Management System that promotes the efficient use of available natural resources, the prevention of pollution and the management of generated waste that is more respectful towards the environment.

Within the context of this Environmental Policy, Salinera Española, S.A. pledges the following commitments:

  • To protect natural resources, species and habitats that form part of our surroundings, collaborating closely with the Administration that manages the Regional Reserve.
  • To promote sustainable development and the use of clean energy that is compatible with our production processes and in harmony with interactions with the environment.
  • To foster environmental awareness amongst all our employees with the latest training programmes and expanding their environmental awareness.
  • To promote and disseminate this Policy amongst all Salinera Española, S.A. employees, collaborators, subcontractors and suppliers, and any other organisations that interact in our operations.

Corporate policy for quality and food safety management

This policy is tailored to meet the expectations and requirements of clients, and also to enhance the quality profile of the products that are made, complying with the following fundamental concepts:

  • To make different types of salt, able to satisfy the quality specifications and requirements of the most discerning markets.
  • To use products and ingredients during manufacture that are suitable and safe.
  • To have rational and apposite human and material resources available for the manufacture of our products that are economical, through effective and efficient processes.
  • To guarantee the adequacy and suitability of the human resources, methods and equipment used for controls.
  • To maintain and expand the training of all our staff.
  • To make all our products with ethical and personal responsibility.
  • To assure food safety to our clients with the production of foods that are clean, safe and suitable for human consumption and always within current legislation, through control and monitoring systems based on HACCP and Preventative Plans.

This integrated management policy is understood, implemented and maintained updated at all levels of the organisation, and has the full commitment and support of the SALINERA ESPAÑOLA, S.A. Management, whose principal guidelines will be:

  • To maintain an apposite level of quality and sustainability.
  • To avoid both environmental and commercial damage due to the delivery of defective products.

San Pedro del Pinatar, January 10, 2019.
Signed: Director of Salinera Española, S.A.