The quality of Sea Salt is our objective

Salinera Española has all the necessary accreditations to guarantee the quality of its products and for their incorporation into the national market and for export.

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

Certificate IFS Food

Certificate of Organic Agriculture Control

Quality, food safety and environment policy

The Management of Salinera Española, S.A. defines and documents both its quality and environmental policy that allows it to achieve the objectives and goals set, as well as to review it periodically to adapt it when necessary.
The provision of a quality service that is respectful of the Environment are objectives shared by the entire organization and are under the direct responsibility of the Management. It is therefore our commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality and Environmental Management System and compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Corporate policy for environmental management

Salinera Española, S.A. Aware of the growing environmental problems, as a supporter of sustainable development and above all for the environment where it carries out and carries out its activity, it shows its commitment by implementing an Environmental Management System, which promotes efficient use of available natural resources, the pollution prevention and more environmentally friendly management of the waste generated.
Within the framework of this Environmental Policy, Salinera Española, S.A. assumes the following commitments:

  • Protect the natural resources, species and habitats of our environment by collaborating closely with the Administration for the management of the Regional Park.
  • Promote sustainable development and the use of clean energy compatible with our production processes and in balance with interactions with the environment.
  • Promote the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste generated as a result of our activity.
  • Promote environmental awareness of all employees through up-to-date training and environmental awareness.
  • Work with our suppliers to control and improve their environmental performance.
  • Monitoring and compliance by our employees of the certifications granted to the regional park.

Corporate policy for quality management and food safety

Said policy is adequate to satisfy the expectations and needs of customers, as well as to enhance the quality image of the products it manufactures, complying with the following fundamental concepts:

  • Senior management commitment: The company’s senior management is committed to implementing and maintaining a quality management and food safety system in accordance with the requirements of the IFS Food, ISO 9001 and ISO14001 standards. Senior management will provide the necessary resources for the implementation and maintenance of the system and will promote the culture of food safety at all levels of the organization.
  • Risk-Based Approach: The company will adopt a risk-based approach to identify, assess and control food hazards throughout the entire food supply chain. Preventive measures will be established and controls will be carried out to minimize the risks associated with food hazards.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance: The company will comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to food quality and safety. The company will carry out a regular assessment of conformity with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Training and competence of personnel: The company is committed to providing the necessary training and competence to personnel in relation to food quality and safety. A continuous training program will be established to guarantee that the staff is up-to-date and competent in relation to food quality and safety, avoiding food fraud at all times.
  • Supplier management: The company will establish and maintain a system for the evaluation and selection of suppliers of raw materials, ingredients and services related to quality and food safety. Suppliers will be evaluated and selected based on their ability to meet quality and food safety requirements.
  • Documentation control: The company will establish a document management system to ensure that all documentation related to quality and food safety is controlled and updated. The documentation will be managed in such a way as to ensure the traceability of food products.
  • Process control: The company will establish a process control system to ensure that food products are produced in accordance with quality and food safety requirements. Controls will be established for the management of changes, the validation and verification of the processes, and for the control of the equipment and tools used in the production of food.
  • Analysis and continuous improvement: The company will carry out a regular evaluation of the quality and food safety management system to identify opportunities for mimprove. Performance indicators will be established and internal and external audits will be carried out to ensure the effectiveness of the system.

This integrated management policy is understood, implemented and kept up to date at all levels of the organization, and has the full commitment and support of the Management of Salinera Española, S.A., whose main guidelines will be:

  • Maintain an ideal level of quality and sustainability.
  • Avoid damages and losses, both environmental and market, due to the delivery of deficient products.
  • Promote and disseminate this Policy among the employees, collaborators, subcontractors and suppliers of Salinera Española, S.A. and how many entities interact in our activities.

San Pedro del Pinatar, on March 14, 2023.

Signed Manager of Salinera Española, S.A.