Salts with spices to season the foods of the most discerning gourmets.

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A sea of possibilities with salt and spices

Marsalis allows you to salt, season, spice and bring out the flavour of your culinary dishes and lots more. A wide collection of different tastes and aromas that revolve round sea salt as the main ingredient. Try your salads with a touch of thyme or oregano, or a selection of peppers for your charcoal-grilled meats, or season the carpaccio that you plan to make for that meal with friends with smoked paprika. If you like Eastern dishes, seasoning with curry is bound to appeal to you, or simply bring out the flavour of those timid salads with active carbon, and sea salt or fleur de sel sea salt that gives that special touch to grilled vegetables… All this, and anything else you can think of, is what this variety of Marsalis salts and spices permits you to do. And all in an original spherical-shape salt shaker.

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