Sea Salt is our goal

Salinera Española was founded in 1878 and since then it has exploited various salt flats across Spain. Today, the company’s productive assets consist of the Las Salinas de Ibiza and the Las Salinas de San Pedro del Pinatar salt flats (Murcia).

In the first half of the 20th century, and due to the importance of salt in the fishing industry (salting cod, conserving vessels and curing in general), the company had delegations abroad. Newfoundland (Canada) and Kolkata (India) were some of the most important locations at this time.

Despite continuing to play an important role in the fishing industry, the appearance of freezer vessels and electric refrigeration were factors that caused a decline in salt consumption in this sector. This forced the company to restructure its commercial policy, breaking into new and emerging markets such as the textile, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the food sector, water treatments, etc.

With this, new markets opened up in Norway, the Faroe Islands (Denmark), Iceland and the UK, which have been, over recent years, the receiving countries of our exports.

With regard to the Spanish market, our presence has been consolidated in the most important sectors of wide-ranging Spanish industries. Thanks to heavy investments made in the Las Salinas de San Pedro del Pinatar salt flats, these have become one of the most modern and cutting-edge factories at a national level in terms of salt for food and domestic uses.

This policy has brought us to “today’s Salinera Española”. Our company is competitive, modern and continuously evolving, adapting to the requirements of new times and, over recent years, has incorporated companies from the secondary sector into its patrimony which nowadays form an excellent distribution and trading network.

Salineras throughout the Spanish territory

With the help of the sun and the breeze, the Las Salinas de Ibiza and the Las Salinas de San Pedro del Pinatar salt flats, located in the Mediterranean basin, produce a salt of excellent quality. They are integrated into natural landscapes and a large part of the salt production activity that takes place here contributes to guaranteeing their conservation and equilibrium, thereby fulfilling an important ecological function.

The robustness of Salinera Española is also assured thanks to the successful operations of our delegations in Madrid and Barcelona and the collaboration of our invested companies such as Sal Bueno, S.L. (Valencia) and Vicente Suárez y Cia, S.L. (Galicia).

We have more than 140 years of history and experience behind us. Between everyone, the Board of Directors, the management team, the staff and collaborators, we hope to build, at the very least, a future that is as promising as our past has been prosperous.